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The Shape Store

The shape store is an e-commerce project, the store sells shapes (spheres, triangles, circles, etc..). The goal for the project is to create an e-commerce web application with functions such as product listing, the basket, order submission.
The students will learn how to create a web application using libraries like ReactJS (JSX based) and GraphQL back up with a MySQL DB.

Course topics:

+ ReactJS
  -- Introduction to ReactJS
  -- Install on local machine
  -- Set up a simple project
  -- The state
  -- Routing
  -- Testing your code


+ Gatsby
-- What's Gatsby & why
-- Install & configure
-- Creation of pages
  -- product listing
  -- the basket
  -- checkout & order submission page
-- Set up a simple project
-- Reference to ReactJS


+ Strapi
-- Introduction to CMS
-- Install and setting up Strapi
-- Store creation

-- Introduction to APIs

+ GraphQL
-- Adding Gatsby to consume APIs


+ AWS deploy
-- Introduction to AWS services
-- deploy the store on AWS


+ CI / CD git hub + deploy automation
-- Introduction to git
-- How to compile your code
-- Automatically deploy to AWS

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