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Our Partnerships

Enso Education works with many international private and public institutions and organisations and creates international connections between them. We form strategic partnerships with many of them on issues that are important to all of us. Each of these partnerships helps all partner organizations to grow and maximize their potential, as well as achieve a common goal. We applied for strategic partnerships under the Erasmus + programme, Power, European Solidarity Corps, Horizon2020, Life,  Justice Programme (JUST) Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme (REC) and others.  The main areas of our activity include:


  • Inclusive Education

  • Greener Living | Environmental Topics

  • Volunteering |Youth

  • Refugees

  • Disabled People

  • City Farms and social inclusion

  • Sport

Our current robotics partnerships include: 

Journey to the world of robotics

We focused on technological skills in older age groups who generally experience greater barriers to developing and retaining digital and technological skills, which are highly important. Technology can improve connectivity, address health, work and care challenges, and help people unlock the potential benefits of living longer. The future importance of technology creates an even greater impetus to address any skills gap in people of all ages.


The overall goal of this partnership is to increase the social inclusion of young students with fewer opportunities, empower them, develop their creativity and increase their digital and STEM skills.

 Our Mission is to gather tools to promote Inclusive Education and Well-being and to spread European Values around the World. We are happy and proud to help people to fulfil their dreams through new experiences.

Learn more about Enso Educations wider partnership activities at Enso Academy. 

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