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Drone project

Managing a project is not easy and it means working under pressure against a deadline. You must be aware of all the stages, the members of the team, the risks and the result you want to achieve.

This is what our Italian students experienced with their project: building a drone.

As Mechatronics students they have knowledge in different fields related to engineering so they decided to work on a drone as it requires different skills and they could train themselves on them.

Their first idea was to build it from scratch using a 3D printer to make by their own the drone parts. Nevertheless, designing, testing and printing each part took more time than they expected making it impossible to finish on time.

Furthermore, the electric circuit of the drone was not answering correctly and the control was not connecting with the drone brain. Due to this, the drone couldn’t receive the orders and fly.

But instead of giving up, these guys tried their best to adapt the project and realise that their skills and knowledge were not enough at this point to achieve their primary goal. So they decided to abandon the idea of creating the whole drone and to start using parts from other drone that their teacher provided them. They chose to stay focused on the electric connection problem and to print only some parts of the drone as the cover and the gripper.

Finally, and thanks to their ability to adapt the project to the circumstances, they finished on time and they could go home with the satisfaction of having built a well functioning drone in a two months project dimension.

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