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Federico: Creativity is the key for productivity

Federico decided that he wanted to consolidate his skills of solid modelling design and print his own project. Working against the deadline, he still managed to have incredible results.

What tasks did you decide to undertake?

I decided to improve my designing skills with the Solid works program. I thought that I could be able to draw a drone by my self and so I did. However, we didn't have time to print it all but I am thinking about having it printed when I'll be back home.

What did you enjoy the most about this project?

The thing I enjoyed the most has been printing the cover of the drone as I have personally designed it. When the team realised that we wouldn't have time to print a drone from scratch we decided to personalise it as much as possible. This piece is one of the most important as it protects the electronic circuits and at the same time is also really challenging as it has a particular shape that the team had to choose among other different options. The result achieved is the outcome of team work and good communication and decisions.

Which skills do you thing are important for your field?

I think that good knowledge of electronics and mechanics are the basics. However other soft skills are required such as good communication skills, ability to work as a team and creativity. I definitely think that creativity is the key for productivity as sometimes there are no rules for assemble some parts, you just have to figure out by yourself.

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